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Four Things I Learned From Living In Mexico For 2 Years

By: Jeff Baxter   |   January 18th   |   2012 Typography   |   9 responses

            I can remember like it was yesterday, “have you seen the news?”, asked my parents, after I told them that I was moving way down south. Like most, when they heard “Mexico”, they automatically thought drugs, violence, El Chapo and a place that a born and raised American should […]

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How To Make $100,000 Per Year Online By The Age Of 25

By: Jeff Baxter   |   June 19th   |   2012 Typography   |   one response

In this blog post and video Jeff Baxter explains to the younger generation how to make $100,000 per year online by the age of 25.  

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How I Made $20,000 In One Day Online

By: Jeff Baxter   |   May 27th   |   2012 Typography   |   no responses

Need a little hustle motivation? Here’s a video showing how I made $20,000 in a single day online offering consulting!   Enjoy

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Scammers and Faking It Until They Make It? How To Get Around It..

By: Jeff Baxter   |   September 3rd   |   2012 Typography   |   11 responses

I’m baaack!! To the new readers, welcome to the best blog on the planet! =) To my loyal readers, I’m glad to finally be back after a little vacation and recharging my batteries As I watch the sun go down on this beautiful evening here at my local starbucks with the sweet aroma of coffee […]

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A $1,000,000 Internet Marketing Tip

By: Jeff Baxter   |   August 3rd   |   2012 Typography   |   3 responses

To be honest, this post is probably a few years past due as it’s something that I normally have to talk with new clients about on a regular. What I’m getting ready to write about will change your outlook on everything IF you’ve fallen victim to this particular way of thinking like I believe so […]

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Make More Money Online With This Concept

By: Jeff Baxter   |   July 29th   |   2012 Typography   |   one response

In this video I talk about a particular principle that will allow you to make more money in your online business! I hope you enjoy!  

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How To Make An Extra $500-$1000 Weekly In Your Spare Time

By: Jeff Baxter   |   July 28th   |   2012 Typography   |   5 responses

  Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’re currently having success with this whole “internet marketing” thing, here’s a pretty cool and simple way to make an extra $500 to $1000 per week. The beginning of this might sound cliche but the twist will come, trust me. Step 1) Find A Niche! This is obvious […]

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Make More Money In Your Internet Marketing Business With This Principle

By: Jeff Baxter   |   July 21st   |   2012 Typography   |   no responses

In this video Jeff Baxter shares a tip to help you make more money in your internet marketing business!

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In Internet Marketing Your Network Is Your Networth!

By: Jeff Baxter   |   July 11th   |   2012 Typography   |   5 responses

Hey guys, In this video I talk about your network being your NETWORTH whether it comes to your internet marketing business or in life. I hope you enjoy!

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[Busyness and Business. Don’t Get Them Confused]

By: Jeff Baxter   |   July 5th   |   2012 Typography   |   one response

Do you want to know what’s hindering so many online entrepreneurs from getting to that next level? Well in my honest opinion I think it’s from the fascination of “being busy” without doing things that’s helping them skyrocket their BUSINESS. Any type of success is great, don’t get me wrong, but a lot of guys […]

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