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Tag Archives: facebook ads

How We Scaled A Business To $180,812.81 In 3 Months

By: Jeff Baxter   |   August 31st   |   2012 Typography   |   no responses

This business that I’m managing is averaging around $60,000 per month with a HUGE profit margin, over $150k in profit to be exact within the last 3 months. My goal is to hit these numbers on a monthly basis now that I have enough data. Also, the low amount of opt-ins is because I mainly […]

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How We Scaled A Client’s Campaign To $220 Per Day With Facebook Ads

By: Jeff Baxter   |   March 21st   |   2012 Typography   |   no responses

Here’s how we scaled a campaign to $220 per day using Facebook Ads. For those of you that are using FB Ads to grow your business, hopefully this case-study will help! About a month ago I had a friend reach out to me that was in need of help promoting his business opportunity.  I mainly […]

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