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Tag Archives: consulting master academy reviews

How We Grew A 7 Figure Consulting Business From Scratch

By: Jeff Baxter   |   January 14th   |   2012 Typography   |   one response

Starting a business whether offline or online has it’s challenges and one of the most common difficulties that’s prevalent in start-ups or established companies that’s trying to scale, is gaining the necessary capital in order to get to the next level. Hi, my name is Jeff Baxter, founder of the Consulting Master Academy and I’m going to […]

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How I Created A Full-Time Consulting Business In My 20’s

By: Jeff Baxter   |   December 11th   |   2012 Typography   |   no responses

How I Created A Full-Time Virtual Consulting Business In My 20’s When I graduated from high school back in 2008, I took up a job working at a local warehouse while putting myself through college. While working there, I remember coming across ads online and seen how guys my age or younger were crushing it […]

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