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How We Scaled A Client’s Campaign To $220 Per Day With Facebook Ads

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Here’s how we scaled a campaign to $220 per day using Facebook Ads.

For those of you that are using FB Ads to grow your business, hopefully this case-study will help!

About a month ago I had a friend reach out to me that was in need of help promoting his business opportunity. 

I mainly run ads for those in the medical field or for individuals that are selling high ticket products on the front-end with proven sales funnels as it’s a lot less headache, but I made an exception for him since I knew he would be a good person to work with and the product he was trying to have me promote was clean.

Ok so here goes..

Week 1: With about a $100 per day daily budget, I promoted to COLD audiences since he didn’t have an existing following.

The cost per lead hovered at around $5-$6 and for those that think that’s high, we’re talking real US leads for a conversion campaign, not a lead campaign targeting Sri Lanka (sorry, just seen a case-study of a guy bragging about $1 leads and noticed the targeting- not fair bro ?

Anyways, I wasn’t too concerned about the cost per lead for the first week. The goal was to GATHER DATA and position things for week 2.

The campaign was at break even the first week which is still good because he was building his list for FREE.

Ok now here’s where it gets really good and where I implemented my secret sauce.

Week 2: By the time the second week rolled around, he had over 100 new leads so I stopped everything else I was doing in the first campaign and did two things.

1.) I created a lookalike audience based on those 100+ leads that were brought in

2.) I put a little more emphasis on the pre-sell.

Most “Facebook Ads Experts” would say that 100 leads isn’t enough to create a successful lookalike audience on, heck I used to think the same but that’s why you should always test for yourself.

Aside from that, I took out the time to write out a masterful piece of copy that hit a lot of emotions and pre-sold people on the opportunity even more.

I also noticed that he was married and with his permission I was able to use images of him and his wife as they made a gorgeous couple!

Next, I ran the ads to the lookalike audience at a $100 per day budget testing out different bids and BOOM, the cost per lead dropped to just shy under $3 and the sales went through the roof..

After the first week the cpl increased slightly but as of right now he’s averaging $220 per day with a $100 daily adspend which gives us a 120% ROI.

Not bad for a small ticket funnel.

We haven’t scaled it up past $100 per day yet until we get a solid and for sure (average customer value) per his request but so far so good.

Key takeaways:

1.) Be willing to spend money to gather data, ESPECIALLY when you don’t have an existing/warm audience.

2.) Study copywriting and persuasion as much as possible.

This has a lot to do with the success of the campaign and one thing I forgot to mention is that we have yet to have one single negative comment on the ads which is extremely rare.

I remember one of my mentors once said something in his training that made me extremely careful about the way I wrote or talked to people.

“People love to buy but they don’t like to be sold to”

Instead of using “me me me marketing” like you’ll see a lot of people do which draws negative attention and comments, I used uplifting and encouraging copy that spoke into their life. I imagine we’ll have one negative nancy come along but so far NONE!

3.) Test test test.

I split tested multiple images, bids etc until I found that winning combination. Also, after any changes, always give Facebook at least 72 hours before making any kind of judgements as that’s how long it normally takes to re-optimize.

That’s it folks.

I’ll try to keep you updated as we continue to scale! Also, if you need help with your Facebook Ads and would like to have my team and I to manage them for you, be sure to GO HERE

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