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Jeff Baxter here and if you’re looking for REAL REVIEWS about me youre at the right place. I’ll be listing a few out of dozens that I’ve received over the years and writing just a tad bit about each.


1st Review:

The review above is from a very special lady by the name of Jacquelyn T. Hill who is a member of my Consulting Master Academy. My experience with Mrs.Hill has been great as she’s one of my favorite clients! There’s something about people that are passionate about consulting and taking action, she’s THAT type of client and I pray for God to send me many more like her 🙂

2nd Review:

The review above is from a 6 figure marketing coach that goes by the name of Darren Durham. Before connecting with me Darren was already doing 6 figures per year and was able to enhance his skills by becoming a member of my Consulting Master Academy. He has proven to be a hard-working internet marketer who knows his stuff and ALWAYS getting better. Even though he was already making 6 figures annually, he wanted to do more hence why he joined my academy. If you’re reading this, I say that to say this, no matter how well you’re doing online never get comfortable!

3rd Review

The guy above goes by the name of Lenin Govea and currently is making 6 figures PER MONTH in his online business. I’ve had a chance to work with this giant on a few projects and we go way back like four flats on a cadillac. I’m humble enough to say that he’s a lot smarter than I am and one of those guys that motivates me so it’s an honor to have received a testimonial like this from him. Keep rocking Lenin!


4th Review

The review above is from a very smart entrepreneur by the name of Edson Buchanan. We also go wayyy back and I’ve seen Edson come a long way and vice versa. His work ethic is like none other which is why I believe he’s one of the most successful internet marketers and coaches out there today. I also get a good laugh from Edson at least once a week with his crazy lifestyle that he lets me into haha. Keep crushing it bro!


5th Review

The young man above is a guy by the name of Igor Kheifets who is a 7 figure icon in the internet world. He is considered now to be the #1 solo ad guy on the planet whom I’ve had a chance to learn a LOT from. To receive a testimonial from him is a true honor and humbling experience. One thing I learned from Igor is to be SELECTIVE of who I work with which is where you guys get the “strict vetting” from that I do. I learned a lot from him and as you can hear in the video, he’s learned some things from me as well. He’s a great guy and I see God doing many more things in his life and business.