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How To Make $1,000 Per Day Online With Solo Ads

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Tools Used In This Video

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What’s one of the most important things that you want to master in your online business? It’s simple, TRAFFIC GENERATION!

If you don’t know how to generate traffic, you WON’T be able to get leads and of course if there’s no leads coming into your business, you won’t make any money..

There’s tons of ways to drive traffic, but one thing that hinders a lot of Internet Marketers from truly succeeding, is not taking out the time to understand the kind of leads that come in for the traffic sources that they’re using..

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about a popular traffic generation method that goes by the name of “solo ads” and how to use it in order to make upwards of $1,000 per day in your online business!

First, allow me dispell a myth!

A Lead Is A Lead Is A LEAD… Wrong!

I was browsing the interwebs the other day and came across another entrepreneur who was talking about lead generation. The guy stated that a lead was a lead no matter WHERE the lead came from. It was as if my stomach turned as I was listening to him, because I knew deep down inside HE WAS WRONG. What made it even worse, was the amount of people he was misleading with this information who didn’t know any better.

A lead is not a lead!

Some leads are better than others…

Some leads have to be approached differently than others DEPENDING on where they came from.

Once you understand this concept, you’ll be able to get the most out of every single traffic source instead of treating all leads the same and winging it.

What Are Solo Ads?

To begin, a solo ad is short for “solo advertisement”.  It’s basically where you can approach people in your industry who have a “mailing list” that they are willing to send out to about your offer. For example, if you’re trying to grow your subscriber base and make money in the “weight loss” niche, the FASTEST and EASIEST way to do so is by approaching either a big company or a big player in that same exact niche to see if they would be willing to mail their subscriber base about your offer. Your offer needs to be something free on the front-end to entice potential subscribers to give you their name and email address. From there, your goal is to convert new subscribers into sales.

This method is super popular because you don’t have to worry about algorithms or account shut downs like you would with facebook, google adwords etc. You just give the solo ad vendor your ad-copy, they send out to their list, the subscribers click a  link that takes them to your offer and you WIN…well if you know what to do with the subscriber that is..

You can literally be in business overnight with this method when you got all of your ducks in place, but of course, you can also lose your shirt if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Succeeding With Solo Ads Tip #1: Understand The Nature Of The Traffic Source

The first rule you want to remember when it comes to winning with solo ads is understanding the nature of the traffic source.  Referencing to what I wrote above, always remember that a lead is not a lead!

Think about it like this..

Lead A: Comes from a list that gets hammered with emails all day every day about “free offers” for them to check out.

Lead B:  Came from Youtube or Facebook and subscribed to your list because they consumed some content of yours..

With “Lead A” you have to be extremely careful and understand that they are in a “freebie seeking”, “click happy” type of mindset so it wouldn’t make sense to bust out the gate with a $37 offer after they subscribe to your list..

On the other hand, with “Lead Type B” since they have consumed some type of content of yours already and there’s some trust, it’s absolutely fine to have higher priced offers immediately after they subscribe.

Most marketers put every single lead into the same exact category and automatically write of solo ads because they don’t get sales.

It’s not the lead bro/broskette, it’s your approach!

Succeeding With Solo Ads Tip #2: Create A Funnel For The Traffic Source

The next order of business to win big with this particular strategy is to create a funnel that caters to the lead type..

Funnel Tip #1: Capture The Lead

One vital step is to make sure that you’re getting the lead. Your ultimate goal with ANY traffic source, should be to always grow your asset which is your mailing list. Forget about direct linking and trying to make short term money!

You want people that you can market to over and over again.

When you’re buying solo ads, you should always be sending the traffic to a “lead capture page”. On this website, you’ll be giving away something absolutely free in exchange for the person’s name and email address. A general rule of thumb is to make sure that you’re getting AT LEAST 30% of the visitors to your page to subscribe.

Here’s a quick look at one of my optin pages:

Funnel Tip #2: Create A CHEAP Front End Offer.

The next order of business is to quickly turn that freebie seeking, click happy subscriber into a customer. With this traffic source my focus is not on “relationship building” from the gate, it’s on sales!


First off, the more customers you have on your list the more profitable your business becomes. When people buy something from you, they are 10x more likely to buy from you again. Secondly,  the email open rate is a tad bit lower with these type of subscribers so it wouldn’t make sense to focus on relationship building from the beginning considering that they possibly get hundreds of emails per day.

Trust me, I’ve tried every single angle and have given away the farm to these type of leads with hardly anything in return.

I focus on sales first and relationship building second as they go through my followup sequence.

Your front end offer is what the subscriber will see immediately after they optin and should be priced at $7 or below..

Your goal here is to not make a profit but to simply turn freebie seekers into buyers that you can expose other offers to.

It’s the same with McDonalds.

They don’t make a profit with the $1 cheeseburgers they sell, the profit comes with the upsells which brings me to my next point.

Funnel Tip #3: Create Upsells.

Would you like fries and a drink to go with that?

If you’re a fast food eater, you probably hear this often. Do you get upset at the employee for asking that question if all you wanted was that burger? No! You simply decline the offer then pull around to hand them your money.

It’s the same with running an online business and driving traffic with solo ads. Once you have turned a freebie seeker into a customer with your cheap front end offer, it’s absolutely fine to present them with an upsell..or two…or THREE that’s complimentary to the front-end.

As long as you’re doing so in a manner that’s not intrusive or requires them to make the purchase in order to get the front-end to work, you’ll be fine.

If you want a solid return on investment, be sure to have upsells that are “rebills” to bring you money month after month without you having to do any additional work. Of course, in order to keep a solid retention rate, you’ll need something of value. Always ask yourself if you would be willing to pay what you’re trying to charge.  Aside from having an upsell that rebills, be sure to eventually add in a mid-big ticket offer into the funnel as well that’s priced anywhere from $297-$997. Normally “done for you” type of products work extremely well with this price point.

Succeeding With Solo Ads TIP #3: Split Test EVERY Offer In Your Funnel

Next, you’ll want to become a split test fanatic!

I personally test everything to make sure I do not leave money on the table. An easy way to go about this is by first having some sort of basis. You wouldn’t split test an optin page that has the optin form below the fold causing people to scroll down before they can actually click subscribe would you?!

You wouldn’t have a squeeze page variation that DOESN’T give away something free would you? Of course you wouldn’t!

You always setup up your pages in the most logical way and then split test. For beginners, setup an A/B Split Test for your pages with two different headlines. Drive at least 2-500 visitors to both pages and you’ll find that one converts better than the other!

Afterwards, turn off the loser and create another split test for the winning variation with a different background color. You always test the most noticeable things and if you want to get extra petty, you can go deeper and deeper but the headline and background colors are the most important, PRICES TOO!

Golden Rule: Buy Legit Traffic

Last, but definitely not least,you want to get quality traffic into your funnel! The solo ad space is very lucrative and although there’s plenty of good guys that you can buy traffic from, the amount of scammers that have infiltrated the industry is ridiculous. A solid funnel combined with legit traffic is bread and butter BUT on the other hand,  a solid funnel combined with a click farm in a 3rd world country that’s bringing you fake subscribers could be a nightmare..

My hands are tired and I’m hungry, if you guys want me to make a part 2 of this just let me know right below. If I get enough interest, I’ll be more than happy to talk about my exact traffic sources and how to prevent from getting scammed.

Until next time, CYA!

Software Used In This Video

For The Funnel Building Software CLICK HERE

For the Split Testing Software CLICK HERE

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  • Robert

    If you want to make real money, I recommend buying solo ads on Udimi. This is a great place where you can buy quality targeted clicks. High conversion rates. I recommend that you use Udimi.


  • Edwin Torres

    What do you use to split test?


  • Omar Saady

    Hello Jeff,

    Thanks so much for crafting this awesome post. In fact, when done right, solo ad can be the difference
    between success and failure in email marketing business.

    I`m really interesting to learn more about your exact traffic sources and how to prevent from getting scammed because I`m about to sign up at your program. ” Continuity Master Academy”.

    All my best wishes for you Jeff Baxter


    • Jeff Baxter Post author

      Hi Omar,

      Thanks for stopping by and glad you liked the post! I give you plenty of legit traffic sources within the academy so no worries. Look forward to working with you!

      – Jeff


  • Jummy

    Great info lots of golden nuggets.. Thank you bro


  • Jacob

    love this guy work and what he stands for always helping others in they’re business or if they in need of help making money online they come to Jeff


  • Fred Beers

    Good stuff Jeff..

    I hear all the time about how solo ads are garbage, but every single time I come back to the fact that you can’t talk to the leads the same you would with other traffic.

    Too many people try to build a one sized fits all funnel and then their sales tank with the solo traffic.

    That’s not necessarily the solo ad visitor. That’s a problem with their message to market..


    • Jeff Baxter Post author

      Absolutely Fred! Solo ads are only garbage to people who don’t know what they are doing. Solo ads is highly responsible for the success I’ve had in business so Im absolutely fine with others thinking they are garbage. More money for me hehe. Thanks for stopping by boss!


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