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How To Add An Extra $20k+ Per Month To Your Bottom Line

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You ever heard the old saying that “less is more?”

As a coach, consultant or service provider the last thing you need in your business is more complexity on top of the effort you’re putting into your craft to get your client’s results.

Can complex sales processes work? Absolutely! But, it’s not 100% necessary to help you reach your goals.

If you want clients, get clients in the most simplest way possible.

Here’s a breakdown of the exact steps you can follow to take your business to the next level that’s been working wonders for us and our clients.

1.) Create An Irresistible, Must Have Offer.

Nothing else that I write here will matter if you have an offer that people simply don’t want.

Also, the best ad guy in the world can’t work miracles on a bad offer, point blank period.

Your offer needs to be solving a major life or business problem.

If you’re stuck on what to create, always ask yourself this one question.

” What’s Keeping My Prospects Up At Night?”

Once you figure this out, it’ll make everything else a lot easier.

2.) Set A Premium Price and Don’t Budge

If you’re going to be solving a major issue for your clients, wouldn’t it make sense to offer them a white glove, transformational experience to help them solve their problem once and for all?

This type of help requires real support from you and it only makes sense to limit the people you work with so that everyone gets your full undivided attention.

Although, if you’re capped at 10 clients per month and you’re charging, persay $297 per client for group coaching, you’re only grossing $2970 per month which is not worth it for you as the coach.

The idea is to make sure that both you and your clients are satisfied so it only makes sense to charge a premium price to effectively reach your income goals while ensuring that your clients get the help they need.

Now, let’s say you’re charging $3,000 per client. Your income immediately shoots up to $30,000 per month and not only are you happy, but your clients are as well considering that the more people pay, the more they pay attention and value what’s being taught.

3.) Setup A Simple Client Acquisition System

Now that you have identified your offer and price-point it’s time to setup a simple way for prospects to find and do business with you!

We’ve found this to be one of the simplest ways to turn leads into sales within 24-48 hours.

Facebook Ad > Webinar > Book A Call > Close

That’s it!

You’d start with a Facebook Ad that calls out your ideal clients and addresses the problems that they are facing. Essentially, your copy should call out the people you want to work with and REPEL the people you don’t want to work with.

Next, you’d send prospects to a webinar that continues to address the challenges they are facing. The webinar is what allows you to build up rapport with your prospects and increases the chances of them doing business with you.

Afterwards, you invite webinar attendees to book a call and if everything is dialed in properly, at least 1 out of 5 people you speak to should say YES to your high ticket offer.

Now, I’ll be honest, this process sounds easy from the surface but it takes real professional help every step of the way to make it work.

I’m going be working closely with a few 1 on 1 clients over the next 6 weeks where I show you how to nail each step and scale to 5-6 figures per month.

If this sounds like something you need CLICK HERE TO APPLY!

To Your Success,

Jeff Baxter

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