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How I Created A Full-Time Consulting Business In My 20’s

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How I Created A Full-Time Virtual Consulting Business In My 20’s

When I graduated from high school back in 2008, I took up a job working at a local warehouse while putting myself through college.

While working there, I remember coming across ads online and seen how guys my age or younger were crushing it with their own digital business and making in a month what it would take me a year to make at the factory.

I was hooked!

Being young and “naive” at the time, I was taken for a ride at first in the beginning stages of pursuing online entrepreneurship, but fortunately, I came across some honest individuals that took me by the hand and showed me the ropes.

About a year after working at the warehouse, I was able to finally call it quits as my business was growing by leaps and bounds simply by just selling digital goods whether as an affiliate or vendor. Although, I was a tad bit green when it came to doing business and taxes so let’s just say that I wasn’t putting money “back” like I should’ve been..

I often wondered how the top celebrities found themselves in a battle with the irs when they made so much, until I found out that the more you make, the more they take!

Long story short, tax season came around and I was in a situation where I owed thousands of dollars, but just didn’t have it to pay!

I didn’t want to take out a loan and rob Peter to pay Paul if you know what I mean and I didn’t want to just ignore the fact that I owed Uncle Sam and go to bed every night with that monkey on my back, so I had to do something and I had to do it FAST!

Premium Consulting was a business model that seemed to be preached A LOT by the gurus at that time so I decided to give it a go..

There was a lot of  “guru koolaid” that I regretted drinking back then, but fortunately this was some that I didn’t.. 😉

Anyways, the cool thing about the business model, is that you didn’t need to have a PHD or be a college grad, but only needed to have knowledge about something in a hungry niche and offer advice to those in need of your help.

100% of you reading this have something you’re good at that can be turned into a consulting business, trust me.

My expertise was in product creation and marketing so that was going to be my gig.

Anyways here was my plan of action.

Step 1:

I simply created a Premium Consulting Offer that was priced over 15k and reached out to business owners that needed help with their marketing.

It was a simple 2 minute video with a button underneath to apply for my services. The page and the video was done in less than a week.

Step 2: 

Next, I drove traffic to the page, got a few applications immediately and ended up closing one sale where I was contracted by a company in Australia to help with their marketing. The only drawback was the fact that I had to fly there, but honestly I didn’t mind because I always wanted to visit the land down-under!

Plus, this gave me a chance to bump up the price a bit.

It was work and a mini vacation all at the same time.

Long story short, not only was I able to pay my taxes in full that year, but I even had enough money left over to put back into my business..

God not only took care of my needs, but he gave me double for my trouble and of course increased my wisdom so that I would never be in that desperate predicament again.

From that day forward I stuck to that business model and never looked back..

Not only did I find it to be extremely profitable, but the people I dealt with at this level were 10x more pleasant to work with as they were SERIOUS!

I didn’t have to deal with tire-kickers or professional refunders who wanted their money back on a $10 purchase on day 29 of a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.


Premium consulting clients proved to be more intelligent and actually followed through my training or had real business potential.

I loved the business model so much, I ended up creating an entire company teaching people how to create their own coaching/consulting practice by simply leveraging their expertise.

The company goes by the name of ” Consulting Master Academy” and is now home to some of the top consultants in the world throughout multiple niches. I show my students how to bring in high paying clients using a new school 3 step approach and have been blessed to help so many of them create the business of their dreams as I have been able to do.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed the read and with that being said, are you ready to turn your skill-sets into a full-time consulting business as well?

Are you ready to charge your worth and help people on a massive level?

If so, I’m holding a free workshop showing you exactly how it’s done. You can get registered for it


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