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Minorities and High Ticket Offers Don’t Mix?

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As a young black man, as you can probably imagine, the majority of my subscriber base consists of my own. As you know, the main business model that I teach is “high ticket sales”. One common thing that I hear from a lot of my students who have a minority based audience as well, is […]

$36,000 In The Last 5 Days

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I just ran the numbers and it looks like we’ll be bringing in $36,000 extra per year with just a short promo we ran for a newer service that we started for offline businesses. Funny thing is, we’ve barely pushed this within the last week.. In a nutshell, we’ll be doing advertising for a certain […]

Important Entrepreneurs Are Broke

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I noticed something strange when I used to do a lot of coaching calls myself before hiring a team. You want to know what it was? Most people were chasing “significance and importance” more than they were results! It was painful listening to people that had more degrees than a thermometer, authors of books, had […]

How To Stop Attracting Broke Clients To Your Business

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> > How To Stop Attracting Broke People To Your Business <<   #1: Get Rid Of Your Limiting Beliefs! When you get on calls automatically assuming that people can’t afford to work with you, you carry a certain spirit and you are constantly in “introvert” mode. Understand that the Average American can get access […]

How I Created A Full-Time Consulting Business In My 20’s

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How I Created A Full-Time Virtual Consulting Business In My 20’s When I graduated from high school back in 2008, I took up a job working at a local warehouse while putting myself through college. While working there, I remember coming across ads online and seen how guys my age or younger were crushing it […]

Life Lessons To Be Learned From The Mayweather Vs McGregor Fight

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In this video I talk about a few life lessons that can be taken from the Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Boxing Match  

How To Make $100 Per Day Online With A Free Method

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In this video I talk about a free method that you can use to reach $100 per day online in as little as 90 days..

Secret Strategy To Make Up To $1,000 Or More Before Bed Every Night

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In this video I talk about a ninja strategy to make up to an extra $1,000 or more per day online..  

How To Quit Your Dayjob and Go Full-Time Online

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In this video I give you some advice that will allow you to comfortably quit your job and go full-time online..

Software That’s Responsible For $1,000 Days Online In My Business- Clickfunnels

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In this video I talk about a software that I use on a regular basis that’s responsible for $1,000 days in my online business. Access Clickfunnels HERE Start Creating Your Funnel┬áHERE