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$36,000 In The Last 5 Days

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I just ran the numbers and it looks like we’ll be bringing in $36,000 extra per year with just a short promo we ran for a newer service that we started for offline businesses.

Funny thing is, we’ve barely pushed this within the last week..

In a nutshell, we’ll be doing advertising for a certain offline industry that’s unfamiliar with new age marketing strategies and these sales all came with one phone call from businesses who have NEVER heard of us before.

We didn’t spend time trying to nurture or build up a relationship with these leads.

They needed our help and we sold them our service.

Simple as that.

Feel free to follow the “outdated” methods that the gurus teach if you want to, but we’re getting our money NOW.

Listen, your potential customers need your help NOW but you’re probably jacking around and doing things that don’t matter.

Live videos..

Youtubing …

God knows what!

Listen, your time is the most valuable commodity that you have and you can’t get it back. At some point you must get away from busy work that’s not paying the bills and focus on getting your money right..

Get out of the time wasting business and start serving your audience NOW because people need you.

If you want to learn how to start closing high-end clients with one phone call as well, I’m holding an absolutely free workshop that you don’t want to miss showing you exactly how it’s done. Get registered HERE

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